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Too many books?

Has a blizzard weekend at home made it clear that there is no more room on your bookshelves? With all your kids in high school do you still need What to Expect When You Are Expecting? The worst part about overflowing bookcases is that there is no place to put the wonderful new books you ordered on Amazon when you were stuck at home last night!

Good news! There are organizations all over Minnesota who will help you share your books with folks who need them. Just like you, they are choosy about the books-their shelves fill up too, so be sure to read the requirements for each organization.

In addition to the book specific projects, groups that collect "household items" like Joseph's Coat in St Paul like receiving children's books, simple cookbooks, and current paperbacks. Thrift stores and agencies that sell donations rely on books. They are even open to odd books that were left behind by your ex.

Besides the on-going organizations, there are specific projects that do book drives. There are two current options I am aware of : Many Minneapolis Parks and playgrounds have "Little Free Libraries" where kids can choose picture books to take home after a workout on the swings or parents can find stories to read under the trees. Someday the snow will melt and the demand for children's books will blossom. Let me know if you have books to share and I will get them to a little library.

The Iraqui American Reconciliation Project is collecting books for the University in Mosul that was destroyed by ISIS. They want to fill the shelves of this major academic institution and are collecting books in Minneapolis until May 15th. Your Statistics textbook in mint condition could help restore learning in a wartorn country.

Organizations that collect books

ACBC Anoka children's books

Books for Africa St Paul

Focus Minnesota Minneapolis children's books and parenting books

Hennepin County Library branches books, CD's, DVD's for the collection or sale historical material

Infants Remembered in Silence Faribault grief books

Minnesota Literacy Council St Paul children's books

Read Indeed Hopkins children's books Started by a child!

Women's Prison Book Project Minneapolis paperbacks especially dictionaries, Spanish books, Queer literature, parenting books If you know of other groups who could use books from overflowing shelves, please add them to the comments!

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