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After the Garage Sale

Even the most successful Garage Sale ends with a few unsold items. While some of these rejected items need to go straight to the trash most of them certainly have life left in them SOMEWHERE ELSE. After you've dug them out of the drawers, tagged them, arranged them, refolded them, and discussed them with your neighbors (and some interesting people) you definitely don't want them back in your house.

In a short time you can organize your garage sale stuff and share it with folks in your community who are down on their luck and need help. Here are a few easy tips:

*Sort fiercely-torn, worn, stained items go straight to the garbage

*Take off all the tags, pins, tape, etc so volunteers won't have to

*Mark brown paper bags in advance and sort straight into them

*Donate seasonal items that can be used by families today to one of the organizations that hands the goods straight to those in need

*Out of season clothes that would make a big difference (think winter coats, work boots, etc) can be stored in your garage ready to donate

*Knick knacks,out of season stuff, and things that could be re-purposed can go to thrift stores, ARC, or the Goodwill for sale and fundraising

*Out of date items, junk that doesn't fit in your trash can be given to one of the groups that picks up and sells by the pound (DAV, Epilepsy, Savers)

Now sit back, put your feet up and celebrate your garage sale profits, your de-cluttered house AND the difference you've made to people in your community!

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