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Oh, No! They're emptying their lockers and bringing all that stuff home!

Lots of surprises come home in backpacks during those last few days of school. Some of them are in great shape; some are so disgusting that they go straight to the trash in the garage; and some are ready to be shared.

A quick sort gets the school year wrapped up with ease. Anything that will be helpful in September can be put in a bin to wait for next term. Things that are ready for sharing can be placed into bags and moved on to families who need them.

Anything that can be worn now can be dropped off at The Giving Rack or a similar organization in your neighborhood. The "lost" winter jacket and gloves, now outgrown, can be tucked away for Fall donation. The stuff that is more worn out would be welcomed by thrift shops like Family Pathways.

You may have school logo apparel from a school your child won't be attending next year. Please don't just send it with your regular donations. No child wants to wear a sweatshirt with "not my middle school" on the front. Instead you can set aside the stuff that is in good shape. Come Fall bring it to school for the social worker who is likely to know which families are too strapped to but the logo shirts or the school nurse who can always use some extra clothes for kids who get sick during the day. Your extra clothes will find their way to kids who will truly appreciate them!

Please share what you do to share the things freed from the botttom of the locker. Have a great summer!

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