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Joseph's Coat Needs Us

Joseph's Coat has been a lifesaver for families for decades. Its free store serves 300 people every time it opens from St Paul and beyond with dignity and respect while providing access to warm clothes, baby blankets, deodorant, forks, and the other basics of daily life. The store has also provided an outlet for many of us to share our stuff and help our neighbors.

Last week a car drove into the store causing massive damage. Inspectors and insurance companies are still checking out the structure, but with the front of the building gone we know they will be closed for awhile. No insurance will cover the inventory. The clothes, toys, etc are covered with bits of glass and will not be safe to give away.

There are several ways you can help! **Make a cash donation on their website at Your contribution no matter how small will aid in repairing the store, replacing the racks, and re-opening as soon as possible.

**Help restock their grooming products. The volunteers at Joseph's Coat understand what it's like to go to a job interview without deodorant or to not have enough shampoo to wash your bab'ss hair so they provide these valuable hygiene products to their guests. Obviously used products can't be donated so this is an on-going expense for the store. WE can make sure the shelves are full for the grand opening by picking up extra toothpaste, soap, deodorant, lotion, shampoo when we shop. Take advantage of the buy one get one free sales when you shop, brng back the hotel soaps from your vacation, and be like me and haunt the clearance bins for deodorant.

**Do a deep clean and start packing bags for the day when Joseph's Coat can again accept donations. Basics in clothes (especially for men and children), household trappings like dishes and sheets, baby stuff, socks, and underwear are always needed. **If you are garage shopping or spot a great deal pick up something extra for Joseph's Coat. You'll feel good as will the garage saler, the Joseph's Coat volunteers who accept your gift, and especially the struggling folks who benefit. **If you need to move your donations along right now check here on Share Your Stuff for other organizations who are helping your neighbors directly. If you have true summer stuff that can't wait (swim suits, shorts, etc) it might be better to send them to a place that is open.

Please share this blog post with at least 2 other people in the Twin Cities so that together we can share in the grand reopening of Joseph's Coat and continue to make a difference to our neighbors. There is no reason to let this destruction further destroy lives in our community.

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