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A Chance to help Joseph's Coat

Many of us have shared our stuff with Joseph's Coat in St Paul over the years. They in turn pass on our extra stuff to 800 struggling folks a week. In early June a car crashed into the building destroying everything in its path. The still unknown driver drove 40 feet into the building. As you can imagine there is both structural damage to the store and obliteration of all the stuff and fixtures in the store.

Those 800 folks a week are not receiving the clothes, household goods, hygiene supplies, and gracious welcome

that they count on Joseph's Coat and its volunteers to supply.

Luckily repairs are beginning and we once again have a chance to join together and make a difference. Benefactors have agreed to match our contributions towards the expenses not covered by insurance.

You can share in the rebuilding by contributing directly to Joseph's Coat or to this gofund me page. Both sites qualify for the match

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