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Is Every Day Casual Friday for You Now?

Do you have suits in your closet that fit when you were 60 pounds heavier? Wondering what to do with those ugly ties your aunt sends every birthday? Giving up on that 9-5 and no longer need a professional wardrobe?

There are men in our community on the opposite end of your wardrobing challenges. They are heading into the work world without the suits, ties (ugly IS in the eye of the beholder), and dress shoes they need for interviews and starting new careers after training programs.

Cleaning your closets during July can benefit men in Minnesota working with Avivo, INC., HIRED Inc., and Workforce Development. Making it even easier-- you can drop your extra stuff at the Men's Wearhouse store nearest you. Not only will they accept your gently used clothes at their Suit Drive but they will offer you a 50% coupon off a purchase

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