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It's Back

It's back! I visited Joseph's Coat in St Paul today and saw for myself that the damage has been repaired. This incredible little free store that serves over a thousand people every week has recovered from the devestating crash when the car drove into the store. Struggling Minnesotans have gone for months without this vital service. They have truly come a long way from the crash that not only structurally damaged the store, the brand new carpeting they worked so hard for, and the shelving but filled the donated goods with glass and debris so they could not be given away.

The wonderful volunteers at Joseph's Coat will start accepting our donations again on Tuesday August 21st from 9-2. They will collect most Tuesdays and Thursday (I assume they will take their usual break around Labor Day).

Here's what they need. All items must pass this website's "good enough for your sister-in-law" standard. Seasonsl clothing and shoes for all ages

Small household goods (pots and pans,silverware, plates, and similar basics)

Children's toys and books Adult backpacks and sleeping bags There are a few new things they need too if you can be generous: Hygiene items deodorant (Imagine applying for a job without deodorant), soap, shampoo, feminine products, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes (the extras from your dentist are great) New socks and underwear Brown paper bags with handles The volunteers are likely to be a bit overwhelmed by all the changes so lets not shock them by all showing up on the 21st but I think we can be enthusiastic in supporting their work and cleaning our closets!

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