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Help High School Moms

AGAPE is a school within the St Paul School District for pregnant and parenting girls. As you can imagine it can be challenging to finish school when you already have a baby and multiple studies have shown that girls who don't graduate are more likely to have another pregnancy in their teen years and to get stuck in the cycle of poverty.

AGAPE offers many services to improve the chances for the moms and babies including child care, clinics, social work services, and meals. Still, there are problems with attendance and the graduation rate is low. One option is that the students can earn "AGAPE dollars" for good attendance and participation. These dollars can be redeemed at the school store.

Here is where the girls can "shop" for clothes and other supplies for their children. The Agape store is dependent on donations from mothers who share their stuff. The school accepts donations of gently used infant and toddler clothes, books, blankets, gear and new personal products for the students and babies. School funds are not used to stock the AGAPE store. They rely solely on donations from community members. Please contact the Parenting Educator, Erika Lund( or the school office ( to arrange donations for these little ones and their moms. AGAPE is located at 1037 University Ave W., Saint Paul, MN 55104(651) 228-7746.

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