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Time to Pack Up Summer

While there are still good days ahead, the need for summer gear, flip flops, and sundresses is fading. Before you shove everything to the back of the closet or the underbed storage bins, you need to sort it. Sifting through it now is much easier than opening the cedar chest in in June and trying to remember what fits.

With everything newly washed start making piles:

1. The clothes that fit, look wonderful, and make you feel great get stored away.

2. Summer clothes that are in great shape but outgrown, too big, weren't worn all season, are duplicates,or no longer fit your lifestyle (How many summer suits does a retired person need?) find a new home as:

*a hand-me-down for friend or family

*an item for the consignment store

*part of your garage sale either live or virtual

*a donation to an organization that makes sure people in need can wear it check Share your stuff for options

3,Items that are too worn or stained (in other words not nice enough to give your sister-in-law) go to thrift shops like Goodwill

The first pile is easy. Simply put the items away and let them wait through a short Minnesota winter.

The third pile is easy too. Put all of your cast-offs into a big box or a plastic garbage bag near the door waiting for the next chance to be dropped off. Leave the container open because you may add to it later.

The middle items are a little more challenging. There are not many takers for them now. Just like you, the families that wear your hand-me-downs, buyers at consignment stores, garage salers, and folks who are struggling are looking for seasonal clothes. You will find much more receptive audiences if you can wait to pass your treasures along until next Spring. If you have the storage space,sort them, label the containers, tuck them away and share in the Spring. If you have to move the stuff along now and you have no takers, Goodwill and other thrifts are for you-put them in the open container and drop them off.

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