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Baby It's Cold Outside

This week I checked in with a friend who teaches pre-school in St Paul. Sometimes her students come to school without boots and mittens so they can't build snowmen and play outside with their classmates. I help her fill the winter wardrobe gaps so all thess kids can play and learn together.

I always start with the same question, "Does everyone have a warm coat?" This has never been an issue before so I was shocked when she said, "One of my very tiny girls comes in a sweatshirt everyday."

Luckily my end of the season clearance shopping had resulted in a couple of coats in her size and I could drop them off in the morning. It was 6 degrees when I brought them to the school. Even if the wait at the bus stop is short, the heat is working on the bus, and the driver parks right at the door, a tiny 4 year old would be very cold by the time she arrives at school. How long before she thaws out to learn and how distracted is she by the idea that a cold trip home awaits her?

This story comes to remind you that those extra, outgrown or unworn coats in your closets can make a difference to our neighbors all over Minnesota. Kids and adults need your extra winter stuff so they can be safe and healthy through the long months ahead. Check the lists in ShareYour Stuff for places that give the items directly to chilly folks in need. You can make a real difference to my tiny friend and others like her!

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