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Deck Those Halls

This year , thanks to your extra stuff, you can be Santa to your struggling neighbors.

When you haul out the boxes of holiday decorations do you notice how many you don't use? Maybe you've simplified and your need for baubles has decreased or you are no longer obligated to hang the gaudy decorations inherited from the in-laws or your family is no longer trying to keep up with the Griswolds.

There are families who could use your extra decorations. When abused women take their kids and flee violent spouses for a new safe home, they can't stop to pick up the twinkle lights. Folks whose houses have flooded usually lose everthing in the basement including tree skirts and ornaments. Struggling

young families would love to give their kids a chance to over-decorate an artificial tree but there's no money for the tree. Organizations that collect donations of household goods would welcome your Christmas treasures NOW. If you can't part with them until January bring them to Goodwill or another thrift store that has the storage space to manage them. Places like Joseph's Coat also welcome donations of wrapping paper, holiday clothing, and special plates and towels.

Happy Holidays to you and yours whatever you celebrate! May you find extra joy by sharing your abundance with others!

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