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What Kon You Do Now?

Inspired by Marie Kondo's book, Netflix show, or a cold day in January you now have a whole pile of things that no longer spark joy in you and now need to figure out what to do with them. Trash, treasure, donation, sale? So many choices.

From the regular phone calls, mail solicitations, and ads, we see you would think it would be simple to pass along our cast-offs to folks who need them. Once again it turns out that things are not as simple as they seem. Most of the agencies who solicit your donations sell the items rather than giving them to struggling folks. Some items are sold as is and other simply go straight to scrap dealers who pay for clothes and other items by the pound. While some of the modest income from the sales is donated to the associated charity, most of the earnings go to profit-based groups that facilitate the process.

Hold the things in your hand one last time and ask,

"Can someone use this? Is it in good enough shape to give to your sister-in-law? Is it in season?"

  • If the answer is yes give it to one of the non-profits listed on this blog that serves families directly.

  • If the answer is that it is out -of-season donate it to a local thrift shop whose sales benefit your community.

  • donate it to a group that picks up or a place where you can easily donate.worn out but might still be used If the answer is that it is

  • If the answer is that it is broken, stained, or useless throw it out.

It's a double pleasure when your clutter can bring joy to others!

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