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Happy New Year!

So 2020 is the year when you are going to finally simplify your life; only keep things that give you joy; find a place to store everything so you can find it without looking; and weedout your kids' stuff. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

You are well on your way to becoming Minnesota's own Marie Kondo-the Lena and Folder of the Great North.

Seriously, before you start, you need to make a plan for what you will do with the extra stuff. Simply throwing everything out or backing your SUV up to the Goodwill is irresponsible. Those behaviors contribute to a huge waste stream at a time when there are people in our community who can use much of the stuff you no longer need. Start 2020 not only with a cleaner house but with a clearer conscience that you moved your excess along in a responsible way. The key is sorting your "Don't Want" pile. First remove anything that is broken, torn,or unsafe. Most of this needs to go to the trash. There are a few exceptions.If you are throwing out torn/stained towels, sheets, or blankets, check with your local humane society to see if the puppies and kittens could use them. Your county likely has a recycling program for things like electronics, old paint, and other hazards. They are likely to list resources that take other out of commission items (Ramsey County can even tell you where to recycle that extra bathtub).

Now identify items that are in good repair and can be used immediately and put them in a pile for immediate delivery. Check the listings on this site for agencies near you that will make sure clothes, toys, household items, books, etc will go to folks in our community who can really use them. If the item is too shabby to give to your picky sister-in-law, don't donate it to folks in need.

Items that are in good condition but out of season can be packed up and labeled with a date for delivery to folks in our community. Most of the agencies that truly serve those in need cannot afford to send a truck to your house.

Items that are still functional but do not pass the sister-in-law test can be donated to a thrift shop, the Goodwill, or one of the agencies that does pick-up (The ARC is my favorite). Schedule that pick-up now.

If you have an item, that you cannot find a place to accept, leave me a note and I will help you locate one.

Happy 2020 in your clutter free house with your clear conscience!

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